California’s 10 Day Permits
California's 10 Day Permits

California’s New Online Temporary 10-Day Permit

  This Law May Affect You, Regardless of Your Home State    

On October 7th, 2011 California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a new bill (California AB 1401) which allows for parents of child actors to obtain, on a one-time basis, a Temporary 10-Day Entertainment Work Permit for a fee of $50.  California’s new temporary online work permit will allow for verification of all permits by third parties (producers, casting directors, studio teachers, etc.)

What you need to know about California’s new 10-Day Temporary Permits: 

  • • Will be issued on a one-time only basis for a fee of $50.00
  • • Available to minors age 15 days to 15 years (16-17 year olds are excluded from the new law)
  • • Infants under age 30 days will not be able to obtain a temporary permit without a note from a physician certifying that the
    infant is at least 15 days old, was carried to full term and is physically able to perform
  • • Temporary Permits can be verified by third parties online with a permit number and zip code
  • • Temporary Blanket Permits (for large groups of minors) are not available

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